Face Changing? The Changing Face of Dentistry

Face Changing? The Changing Face of Dentistry

Face Changing? The Changing Face of Dentistry

What’s Been Going On During Lockdown?

A lot! Behind the scenes your dental team has been busy carrying out a multitude of tasks to get ready for your next visit.

  • Taking phone calls and triaging patients with dental problems
  • Referring patients to the emergency dental hubs
  • Follow up calls to those who have had problems
  • Continuing professional development webinars
  • Keeping up to date with daily changes in dental protocols and reopening guidance
  • Updating policies and protocols
  • Liasing with the tradesmen who are renovating your practice
  • Keeping you updated on social media
  • Making changes to our computer software to allow remote access by patients
  • Making physical changes to the practice so it is as safe as possible for your next visit

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What Can I Expect When I Visit?

The first thing you’ll notice will be our software – you’ll now be able to check and edit your medical form before you attend.

If you have a smartphone, we’ll send you a link so you can let us know when you’ve arrived.

You’ll be brought straight into the dental chair once we’re ready for you

We’ll be wearing more PPE than previously!

Face changing? The changing face of dentistry

Dentist wears PPE Filtration Mask

Do You Really Need to Wear All of That Kit (PPE)?

The masks as above will only be worn during certain procedures such as root canal treatment to protect you and us.

We’ll often look similar to how we did previously however. Friendly words and smiley faces.

When Will Dentistry Get Back to Normal?

Currently we are only permitted to carry out emergency treatments. However we expect to be able to carry out routine examinations and even facial aesthetics treatments relatively soon!

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So rest assured, underneath our masks there won’t be any face changing. The changing face of Dentistry should be short lived. The dental community are working hard to ensure that your dental practices come back even better than ever.