Ever wondered what you should expect during your check up?

Firstly, your dentist will ask you some simple questions about your past dental experiences.  This is simply to establish your likes, dislikes and anything which may cause you anxiety.  

Your dentist will also ask you if there is anything regarding your teeth, mouth or general health which causes you concern or anything about your teeth or smile that would like to change.

The examination itself is a visual check of your face, mouth and teeth.  Your dentist will blow some air gently on your teeth to aid visualisation and may touch the outer surfaces of your teeth to check for decay.  Your dentist will also check for signs of gum disease and mouth cancer.

It is very common that x-rays are necessary for a complete examination.  Your dentist will let you know if any x-rays are required to check areas which are not visible to the eye.

Your dentist can then assess your smile, report back and discuss treatment options with you.