Do you dread that 6 monthly text message or letter? Have you been putting off making an appointment for months or years? Had a negative experience in the past or remember how it was when you were a child?  Ignoring the niggling tooth or chipped filling?

At Orangefield Dental Care we understand that attending the dentist can be an extremely stressful experience. Our highly trained staff work with nervous patients every working day. We aim to work with you to overcome these anxieties, fears and phobias so that attending the dentist becomes as easy as visiting the hairdresser!

We understand that pain or the potential for pain is a major contributor to the anxiety associated with dentistry.  Here at Orangefield Dental Care, we aim to dispel this notion and convince you that  connotations which frequently link pain with dentistry are not true.

So how do we achieve this?

Firstly we will ask you some simple questions about your dental history to establish if you have any anxieties. We will address any anxieties you may have and ensure that your treatment is entirely pain free.

How can dental treatment be entirely pain free?

  • We can apply a strong numbing gel to your gums to ensure that you don’t feel the needle.
  • We use extremely fine and very flexible needles so that you won’t feel any injection.
  • The numbing solution is warmed to the same temperature as your body so you don’t feel it.
  • We inject the solution very slowly. This minimises the pressure change to a level that your body cannot detect which results in a pain free numbing experience.

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